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  • $650,000 judgment plus waiver of $200,000 maintenance and cure payments for offshore crew boat captain who injured his low back in rough seas slip and fall accident


  • $2.8 million for an oilfield worker/Jones Act seaman who injured his lower back in an explosion


  • $700,000 for an offshore floorhand who injured his shoulder and low back pulling drill slips


  • $140,000 for an oilfield worker who broke their leg in drunken bunk room brawl on job site


  • $362,000 settlement for client who injured their neck in an automobile accident

$7.1 million verdict for Jones Act seaman

Joseph F. Gaar and Jason M. Welborn successfully litigated a Jones Act maritime case involving a floorhand who injured his leg and knee and who subsequently developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which essentially rendered him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.

$1.6 million settlement for injured offshore worker

Joseph F. Gaar and Lucas S. Colligan obtained a $1.6 million settlement for an offshore worker who was injured in a basket transfer accident. The plaintiff was being offloaded from a fixed offshore platform during windy conditions and rough seas, when the accident in question occurred. Because of the accident, the plaintiff underwent cervical and lumbar surgeries as well as two knee surgeries.

$3 million for a rear-end motor vehicle collision

Joseph F. Gaar successfully concluded an injury claim for a client who injured his lower back in a rear-end motor vehicle accident. The client was stopped for left-turning traffic when his SUV was struck from behind by a sanitation truck. Mr. Gaar convinced the defendants and the excess insurer to pay $3 million to compensate the client for his lost earnings, medical bills and pain and suffering.

$145,000 settlement for female employee sexually harassed

A female client complained of sexual harassment by her supervisors over her two months of employment. She was fired by the employer in retaliation shortly thereafter. The employer denied her termination was a result of her filing a sexual harassment complaint, claiming client was fired for violating company policies. The suit filed in federal court was settled for $145,000 prior to trial.

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$1.525 million dollar settlement

Our firm's auto accident attorneys represented a 72 year old gentlemen who was injured when the car he was riding in ran a stop sign. Our attorneys successfully convinced the court that the insurance policy for the business owned by the driver applied to provide coverage to our client