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Maritime Injuries

The Jones Act

A seaman can file suit against his or her employer under the Jones Act to realize a greater recovery of damages than available under most other laws.


Work with experienced Louisiana Jones Act claims attorneys to maximize your compensation. The Gaar Law firm is one of Louisiana's top maritime law firms.


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Experienced maritime injury attorneys

Offshore or maritime litigation involves some of the most complicated laws any attorney can handle. The Gaar Law Firm has a combined experience of 58 years in the maritime and admiralty trade. Our cases are on a contingency fee basis. We collect our fee only when you collect your settlement.

Louisiana and the Jones Act

Did you know Louisiana has almost 400 miles of coastline and 30,000 people employed in maritime industries? The Jones Act, passed in 1920 and the Longshore Act of 1927 entitle those injured while employed on sea-going vessels or as harbor workers to more benefits than ordinary workers' compensation.


The Jones act requires maritime employers to pay the cost of transportation and wages until the injured worker can be returned to shore for treatment. Once ashore, they must pay maintenance - the cost of room and board, and cure - the cost of medical treatment.


A Louisiana Jones Act claims attorney can help you get reluctant employers to pay fair maintenance and cure. Usually a strongly-worded letter from a Louisiana Jones Act attorney is enough to convince recalcitrant employers to pay.

Passenger Protection

General maritime law protects cruise passengers and passengers on any ocean-going vessel. If injured while on a vessel, you'll need the assistance of an accomplished admiralty attorney to file your claim correctly.

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