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If you've been injured working offshore, in shipping or in the fishing industry, you need an attorney familiar with maritime law and the Jones Act.

Medical malpractice suits

If you have been injured due to medical negligence, talk to an attorney from the Gaar Law Firm. We work on a contingency basis and initial consultations are FREE.


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We focus the attention and resources of the firm solely on representing injured individuals to recover the maximum compensation possible.

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The Gaar Law Firm has won millions for injured Louisianans. Our firm has 30 years' experience of personal injury representation and maritime law.

Personal injury representation

We represent individuals throughout Louisiana who have been injured in car accidents, maritime accidents, and other personal injury accidents.

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Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyers Dedicated to Lafayette and Lake Charles, LA Residents


As an established law firm that serves clients in South Louisiana, we frequently see clients who are legally entitled to large compensation from organizations, and yet the relevant insurance companies are refusing to pay out. Because compensation law can be tricky, many organizations use this to their advantage by trying to negate valid claims. As experienced, determined legal professionals, our catastrophic injury lawyer and maritime injury lawyer are aware of the ploys insurance companies use and have strong counter arguments ready.


Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer That's There for You


Suffering from the effects of an accident due to negligence is bad enough, without also being denied the compensation that's due to you. We know how hard it can be to keep fighting for the cash that's yours, which is why every member of our team offers a combination of high-quality legal advice, and supportive, sympathetic client care. We provide our clients with the backing they need to push forward with a claim and enjoy the maximum payout that the law says is rightfully theirs.


Medical Malpractice Lawyer – Here to Help


It's not just physical injuries that are eligible for compensation. If you've suffered psychological trauma as a result of negligence, or developed mental health problems due to unfair treatment, the law says that you may well have a case for compensation. Compensation money can really help when it comes to keeping food on the table and the bills paid until you're well enough to start working again. Why not call us to see how much you might be entitled to?



Lafayette and Lake Charles, LA Personal Injury Lawyers


No matter how challenging your case might be, or how complex your personal circumstance, we can give you the dependable, effective legal advice you need to maximize your chances of compensation success. Our team will always aim to get you the biggest compensation possible under the law. To find out more or to book an appointment with one of our legal team, call us now at (337) 366-0982.